What will my website design cost???
Your costs will vary with the amount of pages that you need and with the amount of special effects that you need, if any. Here are several package breakdowns:

SMALL SITE: $750.00-$1,200.00
A small site normally runs about 3-5 pages with text and a few images. Simple graphics (background, buttons, etc) are included in the cost. Normal turnaround time for a small site is 1-2 months. The cost varies from $750 to $1200 depending on the content you wish to have. The more extravagant the graphics, the more the cost will be.
INTERMEDIATE SITE: $1,200.00-$1,499.00
A moderate site consists of 5-15 pages. This includes text, optional sound, and images. I would suggest this site for someone wanting to showcase music, artwork, or an online catalog where you can show photos of your products. Simple forms can be implemented for correspondence between customer and business also. Custom graphics and e-mail links are also available. Turnaround time on this type of site is usually 2-3 months.

LARGE SITE: $1,500.00 Plus
A large site requires more interactivity within the site. You may have music samples to listen to or be viewing pictures in a catalog. The cost is anywhere from $1500 and up, depending on the complexity of the site. The more interactivity, the more the cost. Some examples of scripts are Shopping Cart or Search Capabilities or Animation
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